January 2018 Guide

So, I’ve been contemplating creating a guide for quite some time now but I’ve honestly been putting it off. Last night I realized this and figured the best time is the present and so here we are! If you know me in person or have watched some of my vlogs, you know that I’m extremely interested in astrology, spirituality, and self help. I truly enjoy talking about these topics and figured why not create a platform to do so?

images (2)First, let’s talk about astrology within the month of January. January began, not only with a full moon, but with a super moon at that. January also has a second full moon occurring on the 31st, as well as a total lunar eclipse! It’s vital to acknowledge the occurrence of two full moons within a month as full moons allow things to come to fruition. Full moons are very high energy and thus allow you to set your intentions, cleansing yourself for the next full moon. Doing so is extremely important as it helps to guide how the rest of the month will unfold.

frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk-56a2e3025f9b58b7d0cf86a6 I enjoy meditating with peridot, rose quartz, and tiger’s eye on full moons. Peridot is a stone centered around financial abundance whereas rose quartz is a crystal focused on purifying the heart and allowing you to promote peace and love throughout your daily life. Tiger’s eye has properties of promoting willpower and confidence, as well as calming anxiety. Meditating with these three promote good fortune, happiness, confidence, and peace, which help to set the energy for the upcoming moon cycle.

I also wanted to discuss The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle as it’s really helped me along my spiritual journey (as cheesy as that sounds). I really recommend you read The Power of Now as it focuses on the law of attraction, how to obtain true happiness, and manifestation, especially if you struggle with depression or anxiety. Reading self-help books and expanding my knowledge on the topics within them has truly helped in my recovery from my eating disorder and has even helped my cope with my chronic illness.

I’ve also been making my bed every single morning, no matter how rushed I am, which sounds incredibly minute, but it has helped so much in terms of stress. When my room is clean, I feel much more put together. I really recommend keeping your space clean (or at least try to) as it helps with stress, mental clarity, and even your overall mood.

As always, thank you so much for reading

Madison xo


Author: Madison Elizabeth

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm a plant based eater and a minimalist who's attempting to go zero waste. I'm currently studying to be a nurse while trying to recover from an eating disorder and a chronic illness. This is where I'll be posting recipes, advice, experiences, and other miscellaneous things! I hope you enjoy!

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