Quick & Easy Vegan Meals

With finals and my school year coming to a close this past month, my life has been crazy hectic. I haven’t had a ton of time lately so I’ve had to find vegan meals that don’t require a ton of prep or cooking time.

img_0495-4My mornings are usually the busiest so it’s vital I have something that I can make quickly and even eat on the go. The first one, a green smoothie, has been my go to lately.

I haven’t been a fan of green smoothies in the past but this one definitely won me over! It’s packed with both vitamin A and C and keeps me completely satiated until lunch. To make it, you’ll want to blend two bananas, a cup of frozen pineapple, a cup of spinach, half a cup of kale, and 16oz of coconut water together. After transferring it to a jar, I usually add a tbsp of hemp seeds for added healthy fats and protein.

img_0456The second recipe is an açai bowl! I’ve made a recipe for one previously but I’ve recently changed how I make them and thought I should include them in this post. You’ll want to blend together a banana, a frozen açai pack, a cup of blueberries, and 8oz of coconut water until it looks like sorbet then transfer it to a bowl. Once done, you’ll just want to add your desired toppings! My recent favorites have been homemade granola, hemp seeds, strawberries, blueberries, and pitaya.

I’ve honestly been obsessed with sandwiches for lunch recently so I figured I’d show you two different ways I make them!

img_0534-2The first is a bit more time consuming but definitely worth it. First, you’ll want to take a block of extra firm tofu and cut it into roughly ten thin pieces, setting five onto a baking sheet. You’ll then need to cube the other five pieces and place them onto the baking sheet as well (they’ll be for one of our dinner recipes), baking them for 25 minutes at 425F. After they’re done baking and finish cooling down, you’re ready to assemble your sandwich! I just toasted two pieces of sourdough bread and vegan mayo, my baked tofu, sliced white onion, spinach, and romaine lettuce from my garden.

img_0462-2The second sandwich is quite a bit like the first but much faster. All you’ll need to do is heat up a Boca Spicy Chick’n Patty and toast a multigrain bagel before you’re ready to assemble it. Much like the first sandwich, this one has vegan mayo, romaine lettuce, and spinach but I used red onion instead of white and just added some butter lettuce as well.

Both sandwiches are perfect for both school and work and go great with salads! Lately I’ve been obsessed with light and fresh salads due to the humidity here. The base to my favorite consists of romaine, spinach, and kale then I top it with red onion, cranberries, strawberries, and almond slivers. I love finishing it with zesty italian dressing but feel free to use what works for you!

Unlike breakfast and lunch, dinner is usually the least craziest part of my day, meaning I have a bit more time to cook my meals.

img_0601Stir fries are honestly my favorite because they’re so easy to make and yet so nutrient dense. For this one, you’ll want to begin by cooking some brown minute rice and heating up your leftover baked tofu. You’ll then want to add kale, baby bella mushrooms, and a frozen stir fry mix to a medium saucepan, adding a quarter cup of water and lemon juice from half a lemon. Before the vegetables completely soften, you’ll want to add liquid aminos and let it finish cooking. You can then just plate it up, add some black sesame seeds and you’re good to go!

img_1348-2I know pancakes are typically a breakfast food, but when you have absolutely no time to make them in the morning, why not make them for dinner? For these you’ll want to add a banana, a cup of oats, half a cup of plant based milk, and the plant based protein powder of your choice to a blender, blending until you achieve a smoothie-like consistency. You’ll then want to place a nonstick pan on medium heat, adding your batter to form roughly 4 inch pancakes. At this point, you could add bananas, blueberries, or dairy free chocolate chips but I ended up using chocolate chips because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate? You’ll want to flip the pancakes halfway through, letting them cook until they’re golden brown. Once done, you can plate them up and add whatever toppings you’d like! I ended up topping these with strawberries, bananas, unsweetened coconut shavings, and maple syrup.

Thanks for reading!

Madison x


Author: Madison Elizabeth

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm a plant based eater and a minimalist who's attempting to go zero waste. I'm currently studying to be a nurse while trying to recover from an eating disorder and a chronic illness. This is where I'll be posting recipes, advice, experiences, and other miscellaneous things! I hope you enjoy!

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